7 basics on keeping fit and healthy

Getting fit and keeping fit is really actually quite simple. Here we share the absolute basic principals that you can action right now to get better health:

1. Follow a balanced diet to quickly reach your fitness goals as the right nutrients and vitamins help burn calories faster. The core of fitness to eat right and balanced diets always makes you feel and look better.

2. Splurging and laziness leads to the downfall of a fitness program. So eliminate temptation by creating a healthy environment. Avoid junk foods and coffee breaks with cookies and instead, fill your work and home drawers with healthy snacks. This way you are not surrounded by temptations.

3. Your weekly exercise program should be varied and include cardiovascular exercises like aerobics and walking, flexibility like stretching and resistance training like weights. While pursuing resistance training, if you want big muscles, train with heavy weights and low repetitions. If you want lean muscles, lighter weights with high repetitions are a better option.

4. Learning new information keeps things interesting, and updating a tired old exercise routine is a proven way to stay excited about personal fitness. Finding a local personal trainer at a gyms directory website such as this example; www.gymsguide.com.au, is a useful exercise. As such, you’ll want to inquire about which classes are available and what is required to join them.

5. What ever gym you settle on, know that you are investing in your health, your longevity and your day-to-day self-confidence. It’s hard to put a value on those things!

6. An effective workout program should essentially consist of warm up, cardio, resistance, flexibility exercises and then cooling down. Your warm up could constitute normal walking, treadmill or mild cycling.

7. For cardio, you could pedal at a higher rate, try step exercises, skipping or anything else to improve your heart rate. Resistance could contain push ups, squats and abdominal crunches. You may try yoga for flexibility moves. And then, cooling down should preferably be done with cardio at a low rate to bring down your heart rate slowly.