7 Tips To Whip You Fit This Week

Day one tip: Join a 24 hour gym so that you can exercise when you want, for as long as you like. There are plenty of fantastic gyms around. A highly recommended gym is Snap Fitness, and you can find a comprehensive review here.

Day two tip: Regular exercises are a vital element in achieving and maintain good health. It not only tones our muscles and supports our bones, but helps increase oxygen and nutrient supply to all our cells, helps remove body waste products and even improves digestion. 30mins of exercise daily is suggested to increase your cleanse. A 30mins walk brisk is a great start.

Day three tip: Something to try: Soak in an Epsom salt bath. Magnesium salt baths have been found to relieve stress, soothe your muscles and soften your skin. Take time out for YOU to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Day four tip: Set some health and personal goals. This is an important time to refocus, gain clarity and set the direction for how you want to feel. Do you need to make any changes in your life? Set a plan of how you are going to do this. Does your house also need a cleanse? Set a list for what you want to achieve. E.g. finances for EOFY or an early spring clean. Make this a cleanse of the home and mind.

Day five tip: Do some yoga, meditation, writing, listen to music, read. Avoid turning on the TV or laptop for a night and enjoy some time out and stillness. You have done so well to make it to day five so make sure you find something you enjoy and do it. Cleanse friendly of course!

Day 6 tip: Eat mindfully and enjoy and appreciate your meals. Only eat when you are hungry. Don’t eat in front of the TV, laptops etc. Focus on your meal, the smell of your food, the taste and texture of each bite.

Day 7 Tip: Psyllium and bran are types of fibre which help lower cholesterol, relieve both constipation and diarrhoea, as well as regulate blood sugar levels and treat digestive problems. Linseed, chia and sunflower seeds are high in essential fatty acids, protein and B vitamins which are essential for cardiovascular health, a healthy brain and nervous system and soft skin. They are also high in calcium, fibre (necessary for bowel health) and protein. Chia seeds are also a good source of iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, which will naturally boost energy levels and health.

This list of fitness tips was provided by The Gyms Guide network, which runs local gym directories for Adelaide and Melbourne residents.