Antibiotic resistance: Huge fears for ‘end of contemporary medicine’

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An element of the issue is that regions are uncoordinated in tackling the problem

Professor Dame Sally Davies stated when antibiotics lose their effectiveness it’ll spell “the finish of contemporary medicine”. 

With no drugs accustomed to fight infections, common medical interventions for example caesarean sections, cancer treatments and hip replacements would become incredibly “dangerous”, she stated. 

And transplant medicine will be a “factor of historyInch, she added. 

“We actually are facing, when we do not take action now, an awful publish-antibiotic apocalypse,” she told the Press Association. 

“I’d rather not tell the kids which i did not do my favorite to safeguard them as well as their children.” 


Drug resistant strains of illnesses have the effect of over 00,000 deaths each year

This can be a major problem that’s around now, causing deaths

Dame Sally Davies

Health professionals have formerly cautioned that potential to deal with antimicrobial drugs might cause a larger threat to mankind than cancer. 

Recently, the United kingdom has brought a drive to boost global understanding of the threat posed to medicine by antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

Around 700,000 people all over the world die yearly because of drug-resistant infections including t . b (TB), Aids and malaria. 

If no action is taken, it’s been believed that drug-resistant infections will kill ten million people annually by 2050. 

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