Flu jab 2017: Negative effects and possible reactions towards the winter injection

Flu jab 2017GETTY

Flu jab 2017: You will find warnings the vaccine will not work perfectly around the seniors this season

Flu jabs are vaccines that safeguard against infection through the influenza virus, and therefore are administered with an injection.

However, the NHS has now expressed concern the jab won’t safeguard the seniors.

Mister Malcolm Grant, chairman of NHS England, has says the services are “more scared than we’ve been” and also have predicted they’ll be “inundated” because the Aussie flu makes its method to the United kingdom.

His comments in a conference in Bournemouth came as Professor Dame Sally Davies, who because the country’s Chief Medical Officer is England’s most senior physician, stated she feared the jab wouldn’t safeguard the seniors, and advised the 21 million those who are qualified free of charge vaccinations to consider the sale.

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