What’s rheumatoid arthritis symptoms? Signs and symptoms, causes and management of condition REVEALED

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Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms: The problem affects one percent of people

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms is really a lengthy-term autoimmune condition that affects our body’s joints, specially the hands, ft and wrists.

It’s the second most typical type of joint disease within the United kingdom after osteo arthritis, and affects one percent from the United kingdom population.

The condition triggers inflammation within the joints that can result in discomfort and swelling.

Groups in an elevated chance of the problem include women, individuals having a genealogy and smokers.

Rheumatoid arthritisGETTY

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms: The problem can result in complications for example stroke

What’s the treatment?

While there isn’t any remedy for rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, early diagnosis makes it possible for for effective treatment.

Frequently the problem could be managed so there are several weeks or perhaps years between flare-ups, based on the NHS.

Treatments include medication, therapy and surgery.

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